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New Clients Only

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Burnt out? Wishing you knew more about the IEP process?

Then Let's Chat!

Book your Free 20 min consultation Today! 

We will discuss your situation and you will leave the call with an actionable step to move forward. 

Be prepared to explain your child's educational needs. If you have an established IEP, make sure you have a copy on hand. 


12 week, 1-on-1 coaching package - $750

New to Special Education? Wondering how you can communicate with your IEP team better? Want collaboration with your child's education team but can't go at it alone anymore? 

I will walk you through the whole IEP process, help you understand key terms and phrases to use during your next IEP meeting, and coach you through your child's IEP implementation. 

You will leave with more confidence in communicating with your child's team because you have the knowledge to talk in their language and are prepared if other situations may arise. 

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2 hours - $150

Does your child already have an established IEP? 

Is your gut telling you something may be missing or would like another set of eyes to review? 

After our initial conversation to understand your families situation, I will review your child's current IEP and any outside assessments or evaluations as needed. Then we will set up a call to review my findings and you will receive a written report with actionable steps you can choose to take with your IEP team.  


3 hours + IEP Meeting - $300

Are you confused with what to expect during your IEP Transition meeting? Not sure what to really ask for? Wishing you had someone to walk with you through the transition process? 

You will gain information on your parent rights, and role on the IEP team. You will be supported as we develop your parent Input and request any additional evaluations you feel may be needed. Your child will begin the new school year with a solid IEP, and knowledge on steps to take when other situations need to be worked through. 



FREE Special Education & IEP Parent Community!

Are you looking for a community to collaborate, learn with others, and receive support about your child's disability and/or unique educational needs? 

If you are feeling tired, sick of navigating IEPs alone, or are in need of a supportive group of parents to keep you motivated, then the IEP Roadmap is the right place for you!

The IEP Roadmap, is a FREE Facebook community that helps guide busy parents through the IEP process. In this group, you will see: weekly trainings, tips, and insider strategies to help you communicate with confidence in order to collaborate with your child's education team!

I am not a lawyer, nor will I be focused on sharing advocacy law or the impact that approach can have on your relationship with your school. So if you are looking for an "advocate", "law focused" group, or "due process" support, then this group is not the right fit. 

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