“Don’t be afraid to be unusual because the skills unusual people have are often highly sought after.”
Gavin Bollard

As early as I can remember I struggled with learning in school. At 4 years old, I was diagnosed with an expressive language disorder. As I grew up, and many assessments later, there were concerns about my working memory and auditory processing. Unfortunately, like many, the psychologists couldn't pinpoint a learning disability or an understanding of what alternative learning environments would help me most. I'm fortunate to have had family support, and amazing school supports that have guided my education all the way through college. 

With my own personal experience, I have not been quiet about my passion for figuring out alternative learning solutions for ALL kids. It wasn't until I had my own kids, and received their diagnosis' in Autism and ADHD, that this passion began burning bright. I learned quickly how to advocate positively with providers and medical staff as we ran into many road blocks trying to find correct diagnosis for my kids. 

I made many mistakes along our autism journey, and learned communication strategies that have helped us get things done quicker. Eventually I began volunteer work supporting other parents with kids with disabilities and helping them navigate the complexities of Special Education and the IEP process. I took the knowledge of all the books I've read, experience through many IEP meetings with my kids, and supporting other parents in their IEP meetings, to build the confidence to become a Master IEP Coach. 

Once I completed the Master IEP Coach Mentorship, I decided that Educational Consulting was missing in our area and on January 5, 2020, Jessica Marie Beaty, Education Consulting was created. 

Whether your child is just beginning school with a disability, diagnosed after many years of schooling, or in different transitional phases in your child's education, I am here to encourage, support, and advocate for your family. You do not have to have a complicated IEP to reach out for help.

The most important way to avoid negative situations is to prepare for them and know how to work through them. This not only makes your life easier by saving you time, but the school enjoys working with your family because they are working with someone knowledgeable about the IEP process. 

Want to no more? 

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